Ice Dam Removal
Having problems with ice dams?  Guaman Construction, LLC can help!


Q: What is an ice dam?
A: an ice dam is a wall of ice that forms on your roof—usually near the edge (at gutters or soffits).  The ice stops water from flowing off your roof the way it should. Instead, the water starts to back up underneath your shingles and then leak into your house--causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, etc.

Q: What causes ice dams?
A: Ice dams are usually caused by heavy snowfall and improper ventilation in the attic.  Warm spots in the attic cause the snow to melt on your roof.  The water starts to flow, but then re-freezes when it hits a “cold spot” along the edge, in gutters, soffits, etc.  This constant melt and re-freeze eventually causes an ice dam.

Q: Okay, so I have an ice dam.  Now what?
A:  You have two options.

• Attempt to remove the ice dam yourself (use a rake roof and other tools to remove the ice or use special “ice melter”
  sold at hardware stores).  Keep in mind a few things:
* you can cause serious damage to your roof (experts NEVER recommend raking your roof or using other
  tools to remove ice—you can wreck your shingles; roof rakes are meant for snow removal only)
* you are risking severe injury to yourself
* removing the ice dam cures the “symptom,” but does not address the cause

Contact Guaman Construction to remove the ice dam.
*  Guaman Construction uses a steam machine to safely and effectively remove the ice dam.  Using steam is the 
                 best option to avoid further roof damage.
*  Guaman Construction can locate the cause of the problem (too little insulation, not enough venting, improper
                  ventilation, etc) AND make necessary repairs to greatly decrease the chance of future ice dams
* Guaman Construction can also repair any damage that might have already been caused by the ice dam (interior
                damage to walls, ceilings, etc)

From basement to roof, we do it job too big or small!
Q: How much does it cost?  I have heard it can be really expensive to call out a company to do it for me.

A:  The going rate around the Twin Cities is $300+ per hour for a two-man crew.  That is expensive.  However, Guaman Construction charges only $250/hr for a two-man crew.  A definite savings!

Q: Wait a minute…how come you are so much cheaper than everyone else?  Does that mean you don’t know what you are doing?

A:  Guaman Construction has helped a number of customers with ice dam removal (and we are happy to provide references).  We charge a cheaper rate mostly because WE WANT TO BE YOUR HOME REPAIR SERVICE.

We not only have the skills to remove your ice dam, but also possess the knowledge, experience, and tools to make necessary repairs to your home.  Other companies charge an exorbitant rate because ice dam removal is all they do. 

Q.  Okay—but isn’t $250/hr for a two-man crew still higher than your regular rate?

A:  yes.  We typically don’t charge that much for our other services.  Please keep in mind, though, our guys are the ones out on the roof--working in cold, wet, slippery conditions.  Ice dam removal is a dangerous job.
CONTACT Guaman Construction for ice dam removal
612. 251. 6552

Remember, the sooner you take care of the ice build-up on your roof, the less damage to your house on the inside.  Don’t delay—call today!

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